Leadership Game @ Agile2009 Chicago

On the last day of Agile 2009 in Chicago I played the leader game in Open Jam.
This was the first time I played it in Open Space.

I was afraid that people would not show up or walk away. They did show up and instead of people walking of, more people joined.

(To be exact some people warned me up front they would not be able to play for 3 hours as they had to catch a plane.)

The fact that people stayed to finish the game, reminded me of the edition at the first XP Day Paris,

where the players refused to go to the closing note of the XP day. They preferred to hear all their colleagues remarks.

We have already played this to a lot of different people, like medical students. This was the first time, we had a minor playing the game. And a courageous one too. Kevin volunteered to be one of the coaching leaders. Unfortunately he had to leave before the feedback. Which is one of he most important part of the game (especially for the leaders.). Anyway it took a lot of guts to do that which a bunch of hard headed geeks.

This is also the first time that people used the internet to look up pictures of the monument they wanted to build.


Open Jam was a nice place to play this, the enthusiasm of the players attracts more players. The bad thing is that there was too much noise in the Open Jam for the meetings and the retrospective part of the game. Anyway I was happy with this edition of the game and I received nice feedback from people I have big respect for.

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  2. Playing games leads to learning and lots of laughter…

    Isaak Estes
    Leadership Coaching

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