Our Birth card: the story

October 19


Somewhere at the beginning of the pregnancy my wife said to me, for the birth card, I want to write a little fairytale.

Great idea. Love it. Euh, how will we do this?

This idea was in and out our head for the last 8 months. How do you create a fairytale in a small card. We once saw a little booklet with 100 pictures that as you flipped the pages gave a small movie. That was something we liked, it was very expensive, we would need a small(10 seconds) movie. Not feasible for  a fairy tale.

Mm, 5 months pregnant: no idea. 7 months pregnant, after a great holiday, still no idea. 8 Months pregnant help. What are we going to do? We know we want to write about knights. (One of the favorite plays of our sons.)

And then I saw Lien & Peter‘s card for Janne

Flash boom bang. I had an idea. So did my wife.

Let’s make a comic.

Great, now we know how we can convert the fairy tale to something more practical. Small detail. Neither of us can draw. Can we connect the artist of that card? Mm I doubt Jonas will have time or will want to do it for us.

What else can we do? Another FLASH. Let’s use playmobil.

So my wife wrote the story. We had a few arguments about how much detail we can put into one image. We perfected it a little more. We decided we would do 4 A5 pages. One front. And 3 real pages.

On the Playmobil site we found all the characters we needed.

<== This little family was perfect for our current situation. Everything we wanted could be bought online.

Delivery time?  6 weeks. Oeps,we only have 2 weeks.

So my wife went shopping and found most of our wishlist. Except for our little family.

No problem we found enough other people that could be used as family.

Now we have to take pictures. Mm, this will be our last card, it should be great. Let’s hire someone. Not just anyone.

I’ll ask Ine. We have been in e-contact. I have seen her in action at Devdays. We are connected on Flickr

I read her blog, like the way she looks at the world.

Ine liked the idea, unfortunately she was ill that week. We are running out of time. Let’s take pictures ourself.

We took 197 Pictures. I send the images to Ine, she gave us some advise on how to improve them. We had so much more work to do. We did not take the time to reshoot the images.

Now the front. How do I make it look like a Comic. Mm, let’s take the cover of Willy & Wanda (Suske en Wiske). The famous red cover makes it easy to recognise. Ok, then it would be nice to use a font that looks pretty close to the original one. Lets contact another graphical wonder. Do you know any typefont that looks like the cover of “Suske en Wiske”

He replied with a google search. Oh my god the font exist. So another evening was spend on creating the front page.

I made a Dutch, an English and a Russian version. This is the English version.

It’s not perfect, it is more then good enough. We are very proud about the card. We have always made our own cards. Always original, not always nice.  I hope this is both.

Update: We are getting a great amount of reactions on this card. We seems to have hit something wonderfully. Thanx Lien & Peter, Thanx Ine for inspiring us. Thanx Smetty for linking. Thanx Alexey for the Russian translation.

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