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thanks to Clo for the information and the connection with O’Reilly


7 tips to compensate your agile team…

I have moved this post to my new blog


Agile Coach Camp

While I organize my days around promoting Reboot, I get invited for lot’s of interesting events.

Agile Coach camp is one of these. An open event.

Just read the taglines:

Pushing the Boundaries while Keeping Agile Simple
What’s New? What’s Missing? What’s too Complex? What’s Obsolete?

>>Agile Coach Camp is about creating a network of practitioners who are striving to push the limits in guiding software development teams, while staying true to the values and principles at the core of the Agile movement. We’ve invited practitioners who, like you, are passionate about their work, active in the field and willing to share what they’ve learned.
Do you have a technique or practice worth sharing with your peers? Or an idea you’d like to test out with some leaders in the community? Are you facing challenges and want to get some perspective from other practitioners, or hear how they do things? If you feel you’d benefit from connecting with 80-100 ScrumMasters?, XP Coaches, Trainers, Change Agents and Mentors to talk, draw, argue and explore ideas, then this conference is for you.<<

Mm that is exactly what I had in mind when I started




I  am Yves Hanoulle, your virtual Project coach and you can reach me at blog at my training company  .net

Girl Geek Dinner 3, just around the corner..

After my sponsering of the first one, and my ignoring the second, Clo decided to organize the third edition of GirlGeek Dinner @ One-Agency.
Every morning I park my car in front of One -Agency to bring my kids to school. A Geek dinner that close I can not ignore. Mmm let’s look who I can be a talking saccoche..

Ah, Smetty I know and it looks like she still needs some company…(Shy as she is 😉 )


Baby instructions: the missing manual

From Appelogen, Lienweb etc..

I think this one is a real good one. I see parents all the time over stimulating kids with television.


This one make me think about a relative that was born right after the war. His first bead actually was a drawer…

The last one I don’t agree with.

I did throw my two oldest boys in the air and they loved it, just like any other child I know.

Of course this depends on the age of the child.

All this comes from a book that looks like a nice gift for first time parents


Niet meer kiezen..

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In onze directe omgeving hebben we een aantal mensen die geen kinderen kunnen krijgen.

Enkele daarvan hebben gekozen om jaren tevergeefs hormonen etc te slikken toch maar te gaan voor adoptie.

Sederd vandaag is het eindelijk niet meer mogelijk om te kiezen wat je wil als kindje.

Ja in theorie kon je nog zeggen ik wil niet kiezen maar dan kreeg je een jongen, want de vraag naar meisjes was zoveel groter dat wie niet koos automatisch een jongen kreeg. Of hoe niet kiezen toch kiezen werd…

Sederd vandaag weten die mensen dus nu echt kunnen zeggen we zien wel wat het word….

En daar zijn ze heel blij mee.

En ik met hun

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I want a Toshiba M-700, they don’t want to sell it to me…

I have been postponing to buy a new PC for a long time.

Last week my hard drive crashed, only a week after reinstalling my machine. I luckily I was able to clone my harddisk, the same night. Everything woks fine now, but it was the sign to start looking for a new machine.

After working with a super notebook, similar to this one, I’m ready for a ultra portable one.

I considered a MacBookPro, but I am still to much addicted to the Microsoft way of working

I still use my old laptop a lot at home. So I looked again at Toshiba. And yes they released a new Tablet. The M700.

It’s a great machine.

Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor T7700 (2.40GHz, 4MB L2 cache, 800MHz FSB)

Windows Vista® Ultimate 32-Bit

4096MB PC2-5300 DDR2 SDRAM (2048MBx2)

1GB Onboard Intel® Turbo Memory 

Intel® Turbo Memory* improves the general system performance with faster read/write access times and reduced boot-up times, and increases the laptop power efficiency by moving frequently accessed data over to the flash memory from the hard drive.

12.1″ WXGA Backlit Display supporting digital pen with indoor/outdoor viewing (1280×800)

Active Digitizer with Pen and Touch Screen Input

Mobile Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator X3100 with 8MB-251MB dynamically allocated shared graphics memory

120GB HDD (7200rpm, Serial-ATA)

DVD SuperMulti (+/-R double layer) drive

Bluetooth® Version 2.0 +EDR

Lithium Ion Battery (6-Cell, 4700mAh)

3 Year Standard Limited Warranty 
(1-Year on Battery and AC Adapter)

Great machine, great configuration, great price.

==>Great problem
not available in this configuration in Belgium.

I tried asking Toshiba Belgium for more info, but they don’t want to help.

Basically they said they were not interested in me as a customer.

That would be fine if would also sell to people outside the US, but they don’t. ToshibaDirect is not interested in people outside the States.

They said it’s ok to buy it and send it to an American Friend. He can bring it to Belgium. But they don’t want to sell it to someone outside the USA.

So I have tow options:

Buy the Belgium one, and replace the harddrive with a faster one, replace the standard memory with enough memory so its workable, or ask American friends to bring the machine with them (and not being able to deduct the taxes)

Both expensive choices, maybe I should buy a Mac after all…

Update: I bought it anyway, and I wrote a perfection game about it