MBA in one day

Last year I went to MBA in one day. I was not so sure what to think about it before, but I really love it.

It was an event like it should be. OK it was lot’s of marketing, it was a big show, but also lot’s on interesting info.

This year Kursaal Oostende organizes it again.

If you were not one of the 1300 people that where there last year. Open your calendar on 25 November and add this.

Last year I got a set of 10 CD’s I still listen to regularly. That alone is worth the seminar price. (Although you can buy the CD sets on Proxis.)

Click here to subscribe.

Update:today I received a mail from Kursaal, because I was there last year and I liked it, I got an offer from them.
If you use MGM /YvesHanoulle to subscribe you get an IPod Nano. (Disclaimer: And so do I)

I’m a little puzzled I already had this post on my blog before I got the mail about the nano. I’m did not create this to get something. I really like the seminar last year. I decided to keep it on and to add he info.


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