Forget the Iphone, the Kindle is the hottest device


But just like the Iphone is not available right now in Europe the Amazon Kindle is also not (yet) scheduled for Europe.

To make it worse, I’m not sure the free wireless they offer will work in Europe.

(Not because it’s free, but because the wireless standards in the states and here are so different.

But the idea is so good. A small device that can contain all your books. I ‘m a big fan of Microsoft Reader, but I have the feeling it is not a priority for Microsoft. Now for Amazon, I know Books are a big priority.

It makes me worry to, because we have now too many small smart devices, a smart phone, an smart MP3 player (iPod), a Smart book (Kindle), all of them extremely better in their category. All of them from different companies. And companies that are competing very very hard.

Let’s look some more at kindle. Free wireless for a kindle is smart. As what will you use the wireless for? To get something else to read. Where? From

That is very smart from amazon. It’s the same kind of lock in you get as the music of an iPod. (And amazon also has it’s own DRM)

So where do I see this going?

I think in the future we should be able to rent/use Kindle devices , give in some kind of password and I should be able to see all the books I have purchased over the years. (Hey amazon has this data already from the hardcopy books, they should be able to do the same for the e-books. So I can read them on whatever “kindle” I want.

I hope they open up the store and let other companies created “kindle-compatible” device, they will sell more books.

Just like with hard copy books they should make it possible that people lend a books to someone else. 

They can actually make it smarter. Make it possible to have a book returned automatically after a time, or make it possible to reclaim your book. ==> this will make I will lend more books, but when I reclaim my book, the person reading it will probably buy it (as they want to know the end…)

If they do this, I don’t care about the DRM they put on the books. I’m reading a lot of books, having them all with me  would be great.

(I know you can share books with 5 other devices linked to your account and read at the same time (Good for a company,  not good for what I described.)

The fact that each kindle has a unique email address so people can actually send you things to read is pretty good.

I’m not sure who has to pay the 10 dollar cent, if it would be the sender, this will become my favorite email reader. (The spam will be a lot less) As Amazon only knows the kindle I’m afraid it could be me, and then spam get’s a lot more the just annoying…

With all the troubles at home I almost missed this blog hype. (Especially as Belgium Blogger’s don’t seem to care.)

Amazon are you listening?

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The Pomodoro Technique

One of the sessions at XPDay that I heard a lot of good feed back from was about the Pomodoro Technique.

Francesco Cirillo wrote a paper on it.

Here are the slides from XPday

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Bernard asked for help for doing a small sketch as Participant One Minute Presentation. This was the result.



I am Yves Hanoulle, your virtual Project coach and you can reach me at blog at my training company  .net



Eye of the Bunny

For BootCampers

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