I propose we replace Best Practise by great practise

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The slides of my talk at AgileEE: Tips for creating a self-organizing team

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Apple’s view of the future as seen in the 8o’ties

At the Agile 2009 conference, Jared M. Spool used this video during his keynote.
It was how Apple envisioned the future in the 1980’s.

Jared said Apple used that video internally to take decisions.

Remember this was invisioned before the internet existed, even before cellphone’s.

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Upcoming agile conferences 2009

While I’m missing  Agile Open Holland today, time to reflect on the Conferences I do go to.

I will be talking at Agile Eastern Europe about leadership (18-20 Sep 2009 Kiev)

The same talk I will be giving on the Agile Tour in Geneve (12 october 2009)

Agile Tour Toronto
I get a lot of mails from their wiki. The perfection games are well on their way. Deadline is today.

Agile Tour China (24 October 2009 Chengdû)
I have proposed my Leadership game, I’m not sure what are the visa regulations to go to China, so I will probably not go there.

Agile Tour Bordeaux (29 October 2009)
After the successful playing of the leadership game at Agile 2009, my leadership game got accepted here.

Devopsdays ’09 30 & 31 October, Ghent, Belgium
the conference that tries to get the best of both dev and ops world.
two days of fun and interesting talks.
I haven’t decided yet if I go to this one. The organizer Pascal Debois is a very passionate guy, that I like very much. The idea of putting developers and system administrators together I love. Its not really an agile conference, but it definitely will be a great event. If I be here or not will depend of the project I will be doing at that moment.

Improvisation for Agile Coaches (21 November 2009 London To be confirmed)
As this is so close to the XP Days in Benelux, I’m not sure I’ll make it to this.

XP Days Benelux (23-24November 2009 Mechelen)
The program has not been announced yet. Even if none of my 3 sessions are accepted I will be here.

XP Days London (7-8 December 2009- London)
Nothing announced here. I will also go there even when no sessions get accepted. 

Oh and somewhere in between there might be an Agile Coaches Camp tour be organized. Not sure if that idea still lives after Agile 2009.

This are just the agile conferences I’m going to. Check out this Agile Conference google calendar for more:


If you want to add a conference to this calendar, ask me.

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I finished reading the Agile coaching book

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Leadership Game @ Agile2009 Chicago

On the last day of Agile 2009 in Chicago I played the leader game in Open Jam.
This was the first time I played it in Open Space.

I was afraid that people would not show up or walk away. They did show up and instead of people walking of, more people joined.

(To be exact some people warned me up front they would not be able to play for 3 hours as they had to catch a plane.)

The fact that people stayed to finish the game, reminded me of the edition at the first XP Day Paris,

where the players refused to go to the closing note of the XP day. They preferred to hear all their colleagues remarks.

We have already played this to a lot of different people, like medical students. This was the first time, we had a minor playing the game. And a courageous one too. Kevin volunteered to be one of the coaching leaders. Unfortunately he had to leave before the feedback. Which is one of he most important part of the game (especially for the leaders.). Anyway it took a lot of guts to do that which a bunch of hard headed geeks.

This is also the first time that people used the internet to look up pictures of the monument they wanted to build.


Open Jam was a nice place to play this, the enthusiasm of the players attracts more players. The bad thing is that there was too much noise in the Open Jam for the meetings and the retrospective part of the game. Anyway I was happy with this edition of the game and I received nice feedback from people I have big respect for.

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Rally Chalk Talk: The daily meeting

My three questions:

1 What have I finished yesterday.

2 What do I commit to finish today

3 Where do I need help?

==>So these are a little bit different as the ones from Jean.

I don’t make the link between what I promised yesterday and what I have done yesterday. Because it might be that I have done something totally different. If it is there is a smell. I could answer her question and not talk about other stuff I have done. (Difficult to know Jean’s idea in a 4 minute video).
My question also does not tackle the smell directly. It does offer the team to react if what is said yesterday and today is not in sync.

With 2, I completely agree with Jean. It’s about commitment, not just about what will I try to do. I’ m only interested in what you want to finish today.

My 3 is bigger then Jean’s. I don’t need to be stuck to need help. Actually I want team members to ask quicker for help. Before they actually get stuck.

Also it avoids the difficult definition of ‘stuck’. (Some people only see them selfs stuck when they don’t find a solution for a week…)

Next to that I agree completely with Jean. If you want more advice like that, read her great book about facilitating an agile team:

Collaboration Explained

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