The Fun Factor

This video shows how you can change people’s behavior when you make them have fun.


I’m just back from Toronto where I did two workshops next to AgileTourToronto.
Last day was AgileGameDay. A whole day of playing games to learn serious stuff.

The reasons for me behind these games is similar to what these people want.
Use the brain the way a kid does to learn new behavior.
If you want to learn about agile while having fun, feel free to contact me.

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Plugging the Hanoulle Family

When you google Hanoulle, most of the 12.600 hits are about me.

That is not so strange, as I am already 14 years online. (I was one of the founders of And I have been very active online.
But I’m not the only Hanoulle online.

You have my nephew Stefan Hanoulle


His sister Trui Hanoulle has written a fantastic book (Meisjes, Moslims en Motoren) about the 30.785 kms motor trip she done with Gaea Schoeters.


Since a few weeks my sister Karien Hanoulle has her own website.

If you are living in Antwerp and you need help with kids check out her website.

Voor kinderen en jongeren
met stress, conflicten, rouw-of
verliesverwerking, moeilijke sociale relaties,
hechtingsproblemen, problemen na
echtscheiding, lichamelijke klachten (zonder
aanwijsbare medische oorzaak),…

Voor ouders
die vragen hebben over opvoeding,
de ontwikkeling, het gedrag of de hechting
van hun kind

Happy New Year 2009 Video Card


Bent en zijn bril

Bentje draagt nu 4 dagen zijn bril. Sederd mijn post van een paar dagen geleden krijgen we massa’s steunbetuigingen.

Het doet deugd om verhalen te horen van mensen die het zelfde met hun kinderen meemaken, of van mensen die zelf als kind al heel jong een bril dragen. Bedankt !!

Ondertussen lukt het Bent aardig goed om zijn bril op te houden. Deze morgen vroeg hij zelf om zijn bril en toen hij hem kreeg zei hij tegen zijn broer: “nu zie ik het kasteel goed”. Oef hij beseft waarom hij de bril moet dragen. Als ouder komt echt binnen.

Het oog afplakken is wat moeilijker. Gelukkig zitten er een soort tatoeages bij de stickers, zodat we elke dag een andere tekening op de stickers kunnen zetten. Doch nog steeds wil hij de sticker afhalen omdat “het pijn” doet. We mogen hem wel op het andere oog plakken, maw hij beseft ook dat dit zijn goede oog is.

Gelukkig is het maar vier uur per dag.

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Geike: 9 months + 1 day: first visit to the sea…

Geike really enjoyed her first visit of the sea. She curiously played with the sand (with both hands and feet) without putting it in her mouth.

(When Joppe was a little older then she was, he ate earth and leaves…)

Geike has 2 teeth ready to come out.

And the boys? Look for yourself:


Paying by SMS…

This week I went to Gent with my two sons by bus. As I had little money on me as we left, I paid the bus by SMS for the first time.

When we came back My mobile phone ran out of power before we got home. So I was in doubt what would happen if a controller office would have gotten on the bus.

On the FAQ of “De Lijn”, it states that this is no problem. If you give your number they can check this out.

I like this system. I ‘m used to walk around with no money. As we don’t take the bus this regularly, it is not a good idea to buy a prepaid bus card. (On top of that we would never have it with us when we need it.)

I like this system much more then the proton system where I have to set money aside to pay before I want to pay.

One thing that still is not clear to me, there are different amounts to pay if you go long distance with the bus. That does not seem to exist for SMS tickets. (There it is paying by the hour)

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Joppe’s welcoming


I had been away for one week: starting with ESSAP and ending with a 4 day session of my Gestalt training.

When I came back Joppe had made me a surprise.

I am Yves Hanoulle, your virtual Project Coach and you can reach me @ Yves at my agile training company .net