Opendeurdag Koningsteen met programma voor bedrijven: de manager van NU

Volgende zondag 21 september is er in het trainingscentrum Koningsteen een opendeurdag.
Koningsteen is de plaats waar onze Open Europese BootCamps doorgaan. Het is de mooiste opleidings omgeving die ik ken.

Dit jaar is er tijdens naast de opendeurdag voor privé personen met 17 workshops, ook een luik voor bedrijven.

Dit is het programma voor bedrijven:

  • 9:30u Ontvangst op het domein (zonnezaal)
  • 10:00u Workshop MINDFOCUS olv. Dr. David Dewulf
  • 11:15u Workshop ENNEAGRAM
  • 12:30u Lunch
  • 13:45u BOOTCAMP of alternatieve keuze Percussieworkshop
  • 15:00u NLP / COACHING


Een opendeurdag als deze vind ik geweldig, je kan er massa’s dingen uitproberen en zien wat er je ligt en wat niet.

Optioneel kan je zelfs deelnemen aan een krachtige communicatieworkshop met een heuse vuurloop

Ik heb al twee maal meegedaan aan een vuurloop (welliswaar niet op koningsteen) en heb er elke keer een enorme energie boost uitgehaald.  Ik doe zeker opniew mee.

Inschrijven voor deze TOOLKIT kan je eenvoudig via deze link. Na inschrijving krijg je ook nog een definitief programma doorgemailed met contactgegevens en een routebeschrijving.

Ik hoop je daar tegen te komen…

Yves Hanoulle


I also have a Vista Black screen

On the last day of my TDD course at Europlus, my laptop started to behave strangely. Windows Live OneCare would not start anymore. My Network icon said I had no network and still I could surf on the net.

On top of that some windows support tools did not work any longer.

I suspected a virus, although I had no reason to think I could have become infected all of a sudden.

Because I was PairCoaching the training with Matti, I moved my .Net, nHibernate examples to Matti’s PC.

As it was the end of my training I let my computer revert to an older state. (I forgot the name of this option.)

Now things got worse: when I logged on after rebooting my machine,  I got a black screen, a mouse pointer and that was it.

Googling around gave me lots and lot’s of hits.

Control Alt Delete and in the task manager launching explorer did not work for me.

Killing the previous instance from explorer and then launching an explorer got my shell back, but not in the original state, that is half of the services did not run.

Another tip talked about going into safe more and turning of “User Account control”, yep that worked also in the sense that now I have a shell when I reboot. Still the services say dead.

Some blogs suspect some kind of Microsoft control that turns of functionality for Vista. That sounds correct, but the screenshots I saw are different then my situation and I paid for my laptop with Vista pre-installed. So I shure hope that is not the case.



When I run Sysinternals AutoRun as suggested by this blogpost I see three drivers (not found:

IpInIpIP in IP Tunnel Driver        File not found: system32\DRIVERS\ipinip.sys   

NwlnkFltIPX Traffic Filter Driver        File not found: system32\DRIVERS\nwlnkflt.sys   

NwlnkFwdIPX Traffic Forwarder Driver        File not found: system32\DRIVERS\nwlnkfwd.sys   

Two Internet explorer add in’s: – Buy It Sell It Love It        File not found:        File not found:


I also noticed that

Toshiba RegistrationVista Registration    (Verified) Toshiba Europe GmbH    c:\program files\toshiba\registration\toshibaregistration.exe   

Was still running at startup, which is a little bit stupid as I run registered on my first day..

Headcult suggested in one of comments at the blog post to look in the registry at

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon


Mmm, these things don’t seem to help…

Oh I also installed another anti-virus and checked my computer, nothing found.


I will look and Google some more…


Next week I’m doing consultancy where I need my laptop and should be able to print (which does not work as the printservice does not work). So if you have any idea, will you help me?

Interesting books for Agile teams

Regular readers already know I read tons of books. So every once in a while I get the question what books do you recommend for  this or that.

Usually I point people to my librarything collection.

This week I’m delivering a TDD course in Slovenia, therefore I created a slideshow to show some of the books Matti and me mentioned during the course.


Interesting Books For Agile Teams

View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: scrum teams)

I am Yves Hanoulle, your virtual Project Coach and you can reach me @ Yves at my agile training company .net

XPDays Benelux 2009

While I’m prepping for a TDD course in Slovenia, the conference comittee has announced the sessions that are accepted for XP Days Benelux.

Our session the agile game was accepted. Wahoo.

The fishbowl I proposed with Vera about Agile Team compensation was not. Bummer I was really looking into a lively discussion.

The last years the conference was sold out. This year we have 5 tracks instead of 4 tracks.

While writing this post I heard that Patrick Tisseghem an ex-colleague (39 years old) past away. Another big loss for the Microsoft community. I worked 5 years together with Patrick. He leaves a wife and two daughters behind…