10+ Deploys Per Day: Dev and Ops Cooperation at Flickr"

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The slides of my talk at AgileEE: Tips for creating a self-organizing team

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Apple’s view of the future as seen in the 8o’ties

At the Agile 2009 conference, Jared M. Spool used this video during his keynote.
It was how Apple envisioned the future in the 1980’s.

Jared said Apple used that video internally to take decisions.

Remember this was invisioned before the internet existed, even before cellphone’s.

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Upcoming agile conferences 2009

While I’m missing  Agile Open Holland today, time to reflect on the Conferences I do go to.

I will be talking at Agile Eastern Europe about leadership (18-20 Sep 2009 Kiev)

The same talk I will be giving on the Agile Tour in Geneve (12 october 2009)

Agile Tour Toronto
I get a lot of mails from their wiki. The perfection games are well on their way. Deadline is today.

Agile Tour China (24 October 2009 Chengdû)
I have proposed my Leadership game, I’m not sure what are the visa regulations to go to China, so I will probably not go there.

Agile Tour Bordeaux (29 October 2009)
After the successful playing of the leadership game at Agile 2009, my leadership game got accepted here.

Devopsdays ’09 30 & 31 October, Ghent, Belgium
the conference that tries to get the best of both dev and ops world.
two days of fun and interesting talks.
I haven’t decided yet if I go to this one. The organizer Pascal Debois is a very passionate guy, that I like very much. The idea of putting developers and system administrators together I love. Its not really an agile conference, but it definitely will be a great event. If I be here or not will depend of the project I will be doing at that moment.

Improvisation for Agile Coaches (21 November 2009 London To be confirmed)
As this is so close to the XP Days in Benelux, I’m not sure I’ll make it to this.

XP Days Benelux (23-24November 2009 Mechelen)
The program has not been announced yet. Even if none of my 3 sessions are accepted I will be here.

XP Days London (7-8 December 2009- London)
Nothing announced here. I will also go there even when no sessions get accepted. 

Oh and somewhere in between there might be an Agile Coaches Camp tour be organized. Not sure if that idea still lives after Agile 2009.

This are just the agile conferences I’m going to. Check out this Agile Conference google calendar for more:


If you want to add a conference to this calendar, ask me.

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Agile conferences

To my big surprise I have not been blogging about the upcoming Agile conferences.

Agile2009_WebBadges_Self I’ll be going to Agile 2009 in Chicago. This is the agile conference to be.
Neatly organized by different stages like festivals.

Unfortunately this year non of my sessions got accepted; Oh well leave’s me more time to follow other sessions and network.

If you are going to this one, orif you have been to any of the earlier ones and you are on linkedin, feel free to join the Linkedin Agile 200X group.


agileee_banner_speaker_205x130 Next to that I’ll be speaking at the first Agile East European Conference in Kiev.
I love helping out new agile conferences. I spoke at the very first XPday France (in 2006) and I haven’t missed one since.




I have also proposed a few session on XPDay Benelux. I will do also for Xp Day London and I’m considering a lot of the Agile Tours cities.

Am actually also thinking about the Agile Testing days that are taking place in Germany and Belgium, Agile Open Holland, Agiles 2009. If you know of other agile conferences feel free to contact me.

Oh and this year I have created an agile conferences calendar on google. E-mail me if you want to add it to your calendars, so that you won’t miss any agile conference.


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The downfall of Agile Hitler

I’m prepping a FishBowl about leadership for XP Day France 2009.

This video is a perfect example of the kind of controversial statements I want the participants to discuss about.

Yves Hanoulle

Rocks into Gold

If you don’t want to read the stry in PPT, you can order the book online: http://www.rocksintogold.com/ I am Yves Hanoulle, your virtual Project Coach and you can reach me @ Yves at my agile training company .net