Where to push stop?

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What would I need the five Why’s of the Toyota Way for?

I did not follow the Toyota way session at XPday London [Sorry Pascal], so I did not have an answer to my trouble with the five why`s. My question is, what is so good about the five why`s in lean?
As a coach I prefer using specific questions like:
How many
And not why.
Why is the question my 2 year old is asking.
It is a questions I can always ask without thinking. From what I heard of the Toyota way, the thoughts are at a much deeper level as my two year old is having at this moment.
So what is the deeper level? Maybe I can use the 5 why`s as another way to deal with this.
So if I really can not find a good question without why, I would ask why five times in a row to dive deeper.
When I told Vera about my idea, she said that this was exactly what was the intend of the five why`s.
Every one of the why`s is suppose to ask for another level. And it turns out that we really need this fifth level.(The toyota way says you will always find the same core level, whatever question or challenge you start with.)
When she tried it out on me, I came to realize that these why`s are as difficult to ask as my what, who, when, how many questions.
So any of the why questions can be replaced with any of the others. That is good to know, just two different ways to come to the same output.
I did not see the session, I still got the deeper thinking, thank you Vera (and Pascal who jumped in later)
Where it first felt like an adapted way for plant workers (That was a rather disrespected and blasé thinking of me), now I see it as another tool in my coaching box.
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The abundant universe


Jim & Michele said in one of their podcasts, look at the universe, ask for help and you will see the universe is abundant.
This week I had a nice chat with Jim about how to bring BootCamp to Belgium.

JOhan LybaertOn the xp.be evening event I listened to Johan Lybaert from Cegeka,/Ardatis who shared his experience scaling XP+Scrum to 90 people. I heard a lot of good idea’s for scaling up. Not only is Johan’s leading his company  into the future, he is

also a very good speaker. I am looking forward to heard Johan speak on the It-works event: Agile development in practice

After that I talked a little bit about my experience as agile project coach of a distributed team.
I was not happy with my own talk, but was very happy with the fact that Pascal made me think about

– what is the situation
– What went good?
– What would I do different?

In fact I send the same questions to the team as a kind of small retrospective. And I had a wonderful response back from one of my developers.
Abundance again.
I asked for feedback on the design of my logo and website the last few weeks. The answers really helped me to take a decision.
In the last weeks I have also mailed a few people if they wanted to coach a workshops/game @ PairCoaching. The conversations I had with them where all a signs of an abundant universe.

Today I had a great conversation with a blogger I have been reading for months but never met.
Although I felt connected with him/his ideas, I was amazed about the similarities in our way of speaking and thinking.
I knew we had not much time, but after we talked what seemed very long, I was surprised to see that only one hour went by. After speed reading, now also speed talking. Guess we created our own Speeddate.

When I came home, our neighbor came around with a bread she made, for us. Just like that.
Because we were out of bread, it felt like the “wood come” story that Jim’s talks about at BootCamp…


I am Yves Hanoulle, your virtual Project coach and you can reach me at yves at my training company.net

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