Na Peter van de Veire zijn stunt als Mega-Cindy zing ik af en toe van MegaCindy als Joppe en Bent aan het dansen zijn op MegaMindy.

Gisteren begon Joppe spontaan te zingen:

Ik ben MegaCindy.

Ze laat alle boeven vrij

met een pak friet met stoverij

Dit is het stukje van Peter VanDeVeire

Zie ik een vliegtuig,

zie ik een vogel

nee dat is het niet

Het is MegaCindy die je in Wuustwezel ziet.

Aangezien de MegaCindy van Peter een frietkot uitbaatte in Wuustwezel lijkt het me heel toevallig dat Joppe net met dat pak friet afkwam.

Ik heb al wat proberen googelen, doch geen tekst van megaCindy versie op het net te vinden? Iemand betere google skills?

Geen kwaad woord trouwens over MegaMindy . All die GirlPower is fantastisch voor het doorbreken van de standaard rollenpatroon.
Zoals jullie al konden zien in onze nieuwjaars video, doen Joppe & Bent niets liever als dansen op K3 en MegaMindy.

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Toshiba: M700 perfection game

A few weeks ago I finally bought the M700 I was talking about in my older post.

Let’s perfect it:

I give it a 8 out of ten

What I like about it:

  • I like the form factor.
  • I like the size
  • I like the weight
  • I like the fingerprint reader
  • I like Vista
  • I like the possibility to turn on/off wifi by an physical switch
  • I like the possibility to turn of the sound with an physical turning wheel
  • I like the fact that turning on wirefull lan and turning of wireless lan does not break the connection of most online app’s.
  • I like reading on it
  • I like Toshiba Easy Guard
  • I like the 4gb memory
  • I like taking notes on it
  • I like that I can expand the paper when I need more space in between two things I wrote


To give it a 10:

  • The Fingerprint reader should recognize my fingers more.
  • The FingerPrint reader should be positioned at the top of the screen in Laptop mode
  • The laptop/vista should have an option to plug in the power and only start using it when at 10%
  • It would not have connections to the front of the laptop.
  • It would have an intern smartCard Reader next to the PCMCIA reader.
  • it should have a one button to turn of music
  • I don’t like the fact I have one reason less to work Topless

(Picture thanx to Vincent Vanderjonckheijd)

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Safety @ home: 6 month old Geike fell of the kitchen table

I’m checking in,

I’m MAD, SAD, AFRAID: Geike fell from the kitchen table on the floor yesterday.
I’m MAD,SAD it was my fault
I’m GLAD it was not the boys fault
I’m AFRAID she fell on her head
I’m SAD, AFRAID I don’t know on what she fell.
I’m GLAD she had eaten 3/4 of her meal and did not throw up

I’m GLAD I think she fell in three steps
I’m GLAD I went to the emergency
I’m GLAD they found nothing
I’m GLAD they let us stay 24 hours

I’m MAD, SAD I missed a play of my two sons.
I’m GLAD Els video taped the play
I’m GLAD Geike slept well
I’m GLAD I slept well
I’m GLAD they released us earlier.

I’m GLAD we had a relaxing day afterwards
I’m SAD this event had a big impact on our whole family
I’m MAD, Sad, AFRAID my two sons were uncontrollable this evening
I’m SAD a checkin with them had no effect
I’m SAD a bath had no effect on them
I’m GLAD I realize the long day yesterday is part of the reason of their troubles

I’m GLAD this makes me realize how fragile life is
I’m GLAD it makes me realize how much I love my family

I’m GLAD we are all healthy

I’m in


Why I follow Gestalt Therapy Training (GTO)

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TMN: An unknown three letter word, to check if people know what they are talking about.

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GTD & Priorities

Wednesday I gave a Topless GTD course. Getting things done looks at time management Bottom up. First starts with everything you have to do and when you have this all covered you can start with the long term. As I had some questions about long term I talked also about the 4 quadrants of FranklinCovey. I have a nice DVD from FC that I unfortunately can not use in courses. Luckily today I found the video I wanted to show on YouTube.

Ever feel bogged down by everything you need to do? To much stuff to do and to little time for important things in life and work?

Have a look at these video’s.


Organize your whole life around relationships (The roles you have) instead of schedules.


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FC Nerds and the execution gap…

Yesterday evening I saw FC NERDS a (new ?) TV show about a NERD football team coached by a professional coach.

FC Nerds – Trailer – MyVideo België

Creating a team our of a bunch or nerds? Hey that is what I am doing for a living. I have to see the show.

It made me think about the GOALS video from FranklinCovey. A small video from a team of kids playing soccer. The way a lot of organization works together.

Unfortunately the video with the kids is only on YouTube in a non-English version. The next video contains the second part of that same video in english. (Without the kids part.)

The next video explains the execution gap between what people do and what the organizational goals are. It contains some striking figures.

  1. 15% of the people know the organizational goals.
  2. Only 19% feels passionate about the TOP goals of their organization.
  3. They spend only 49% of their time to these goals, the rest of their time they spend on urgent but far less important goals (QIII)
  4. 51% tells that they don’t know what they can do to help their organization achieve these goals

To achieve goals you have never achieved before, you have to do things you have never done before.

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