Perfection game SDC 2010

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  1. Yves.
    Thanks a lot for your comments. It is noticed. I just like to commen the proposal about book store.
    For SDC2010 we offered two different bookstores to take a part of the conference, and sell mainly books recommended or written by any speakers. Both said no thank you. So we have in our minds for SDC2011.

    • Helo Lennart,

      Yes a lot of conferences seem to have this problem.
      I would really like to know why a bookstore is not interested in that.

      I talk in my presentation a lot about books. At SDC I was not the only one.
      I will buy 4 books Diana talked about. I wrote down 3 more titles she talked about, I want to reread them after her talk.

      At every conference I buy books. I postponed (re)buying Lisa and Janet’s Agile testing book, because I assumed I would be able to buy it at SDC.
      I was right, except that the Visa machine refused my card.

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