Agile Retroflection of the Day

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  1. […] “If you could change 1 thing today what would it be?” as the first question in his Agile Retroflection of the Day project. Today being the first of the year, it’s natural that I look back over the past year […]

  2. Hi Yves…great idea.

    Had a similar one myself…check out

    HAppy New year!

    Jim McCarthy

  3. […] can read about the original idea here. We are less then one week far and I’m already writing about version 2.0. (who says we […]

  4. One thing to change? Here’s a place to start that requires no new software, no new techniques:

    That people would *really* listen to one another at home and at work: with their ears, but also with their eyes and hearts.

    What might happen if we did this even ten minutes more a day?

    Prepare to be surprised!

  5. […] been asked to think about this by my friend Simon Kirk as part of Yves Hanoulle’s retroflection project. My first thought was that children always come up with the simplest most pragmatic solutions, […]

  6. […] Hanoulle is asking a question each day for people to think about, through his @Retroflection Twitter account. Each day someone is invited […]

  7. […] Posted on January 20, 2010 by paircoaching On the 1st of January of 2010 I launched the Agile Retroflection of the Day initiative. Instead of waiting until I had the perfect idea, I launched it right away and I wanted […]

  8. […] the fresh new series ‘Agile Reflection of the Day‘, inspired by the inspirational Yves Hanoulle, I ponder ‘Who is your hero, and what […]

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