Announcing courses in Toronto

After my successful sessions @ Agile2009 & AgileEE, I’m also doing a talk at some of the Agile Tour events:

Agile Tour Geneve (12 october)
Agile Tour Toronto (20 october)
Agile Tour Bordeaux (29 October)

XP Days Benelux (23-24November – Benelux)  
XP Days London (7-8 December- London)


Going to Toronto for just one day, is pretty

  • silly
  • dedicated
  • expensive

So I decided to deliver two Agile Courses in Toronto. In Michael Sahota of agilitrix I found the perfect partner to help me with this.
Both will be given in the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Toronto (the same hotel as where the Agile Tour event is taking place)

Agile Kick Start (19/10/2009)
This course is for:

  • People who are new to agile
  • People who want to prepare for the Agile Tour Toronto
  • Certified Scrum Masters that want to learn about that other pillar of the agile called XP
  • XP practitioners that want replace some XP practices with other things, without loosing the values behind the practices they replace.
  • Agile practitioners that never read the first edition of the famous white Extreme Programming Explained book
  • Agile Coaches that have never played the XP Game

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Agile Games Day (21/10/2009)

Define the Business Value
Fact: Determining the Business Value is an important aspect of an agile project
Fact: Learning that from a book is impossible
Fact: The Business Value Game is the fastest way to learn this

Understand Self-Organizing Teams
Fact: Self-organizational teams are important for agile
Fact: Most people have NO experience with a self-organizing team
Fact: The Leadership Game lets you experience the difference between a command and control, self-organizing and a process led team.

Theory of Constraints

Fact: Every project has a bottleneck that limits productivity
Fact: Most people don’t know how to eliminate a bottleneck to go faster
Fact: The game “I’m not a bottleneck, I’m a free man” will teach you how to apply the Theory of Constraints

Learn Quickly

Fact: Humans learn fastest when they are playing.
Fact: The Agile game day combines 3 famous agile games
Have Fun
Fact: You’ll have fun
Fact: You will learn a lot

This course is for:

– People new to agile.
– Agilists struggling with one of these concepts
– Agile Coaches that look for new ways to explain these concepts to there customers/developers.

The three games have been played all around the world on multiple agile events.
They are now grouped as a one day event for the first time.
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If you are a participant of Agile Tour Toronto or are on their waiting list, we offer you a discount of 10% when you use this code: 014756401953
Both courses are for a maximum of 20 people. Meals are included.

I  am Yves Hanoulle, your virtual Project coach and you can reach me at blog at my training company .net or follow me on Twitter


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