A new BootCamp is on it’s way

Almost a year after the last European BootCamp I’m organizing another one.

In my (obviously biased) opinion, BootCamp is the best way to learn how to create team’s.
Jim & Michele McCarthy started doing Bootcamps when they left Microsoft, now 15 years ago.

The idea was to create a course were people would learn how to create a team. They did that in an experimental way. The students would not be instructed, they were asked to deliver a project by the end of the week. Sometimes the students were an existing team, sometimes hey had never met.

During the first few Bootcamps, they noticed that the students came up with a lot of similar idea’s on how to create a team. So Jim & Michele started writing down these idea’s. And they gave these idea’s to he next team.

They have now done this for 15 years.
This resulted in a few things

  • One is the free download of the Core Protocols.
  • The other is he manual of BootCamp and BootCamp itself.
  • There also is a Coaches and a Trainer manual. This makes it possible to reproduce BootCamp.

I was part of 5 one week BootCamps. In each of these I saw a team that by the end of the week had a shared vision and was delivering on time.

Typically students do 3 or more iterations during a BootCamp. The first one they might miss or they might deliver something not great. Every bootcamp I was part of (as a student, coach or instructor), by the end of the week, the students were one team and they delivered a great product on time.

I know it is hard to believe. It is also something that is hard to explain. I just know that if you use the Core Protocols, you end up with a great team.

As the Core is free, you can do that on your own. I needed a bootcamp to have the courage to start using them.
So this next bootcamp offers you the possibility to learn how I create teams.

So open up your agenda, free up 11 till 16 October 2009.
And subscribe on the PairCoaching.net website.

I am Yves Hanoulle, your virtual Project coach and you can mail me: blog at my training company  .net


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