Plugging the Hanoulle Family

When you google Hanoulle, most of the 12.600 hits are about me.

That is not so strange, as I am already 14 years online. (I was one of the founders of And I have been very active online.
But I’m not the only Hanoulle online.

You have my nephew Stefan Hanoulle


His sister Trui Hanoulle has written a fantastic book (Meisjes, Moslims en Motoren) about the 30.785 kms motor trip she done with Gaea Schoeters.


Since a few weeks my sister Karien Hanoulle has her own website.

If you are living in Antwerp and you need help with kids check out her website.

Voor kinderen en jongeren
met stress, conflicten, rouw-of
verliesverwerking, moeilijke sociale relaties,
hechtingsproblemen, problemen na
echtscheiding, lichamelijke klachten (zonder
aanwijsbare medische oorzaak),…

Voor ouders
die vragen hebben over opvoeding,
de ontwikkeling, het gedrag of de hechting
van hun kind


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