LinkedIn new Group policy.

I have received a mail from Linkedin about their new group policy. You can only be part of 50 groups. Sounds fine, until I read the part that I am already part of + 80 groups. What? (At this moment they have not yet updated their Group FAQ. It still talks about as many groups as you want)

Oh, yeah, a lot of them are the same kind of group because LinkedIn did not allow us to search for groups; So I’m part of a at least a dozen of Scrum groups.

I propose the group owners of these groups contact each otter, select one group, and then all become group owners of all of this one group and accept everyone in that one group.

(Or one group fro scrum master, one for scrum practitioner etc…)


7 Responses

  1. Call Linkedin at this number to complain.

    Loretta Thomas Customer Support Liaison
    That’s right, only ONE PERSON in customer support for 5,000,000 members.

    Chairman; President, Products Reid Hoffman
    VP and Chief of Staff Sarah Imbach
    VP Business and Corporate Development Keith S. Rabois
    VP Engineering Jean-Luc Vaillant
    VP Marketing Konstantin Guericke
    VP Product Strategy Allen Blue
    VP Client Products Jaime Templeton
    Chief Privacy Officer Duncan Work
    Director Corporate Communications Kay Luo
    Director Advertising David Hahn
    Director Technology Yan Pujante
    Director Operations Candy Mielke
    Director Product Management Lucian Beebe
    Director Sales Brendon Cassidy
    Senior Technical Recruiter Hilary Taubman-Dye
    Manager Corporate Development Steven Stegman
    Senior Systems Architect Ian McNish
    CEO Daniel T. H. (Dan) Nye

  2. why should I complain?
    It’s the agile/scrum groups hat have to organize themselves….Not linkedin. That would be best for everyone…

  3. […] bit of buzz on blogs about th 50 restriction on Groups, you can see it here or here or here or here or here… and on […]

  4. paircoaching, even if redundant groups merged, a 50-group limit is still stupid.

  5. OH I agree, but I think in this cases I could survive for now.
    Only at this moment it is alreayd to late, and I don’t even know what groups I was part of …

  6. Funny how it still says this on the FAQ page:

    You can join as many groups as you belong to. We anticipate that the average user of LinkedIn probably belongs to at least three to four groups that are meaningful to their professional life.

    Linkedin is deliberately trying to screw themselves. If I ran my business this way, I would be out of business very quickly.

    By the way, I tried to call 650-687-3600 Loretta Thomas the Customer Support Liaison. Finally got through to a secretary. She got real pissed off and told me “why are all of you calling all day!” then hung up the phone.

    Linkedin sucks worse than the Sarah Palin used to!

  7. So this is how we found out that LinkedIn doesn’t know what they’re doing.

    When we joined, we thought it’s for networking, right? Simple enough. After getting invitations from people we didn’t know and also inviting people we didn’t know, our accounts were placed on block! They actually “force” you to sign an agreement online to not send invitations to people you don’t know!

    Excuse me? Is this a joke? The whole point of LinkedIn is to network and expand your network! How can you do that if you only contact the people you already know? What a bunch of morons. They don’t even know what their company is about.

    If I just want to network with people I already know, then it’s not really networking, is it? I already have all the e-mails and phone numbers of the people I know, why does anyone need linkedin for people they already know?

    LinkedIn really needs to figure out what they stand for, because as of now, they’re completely confused and they confuse their customers too. They want to stand for something, which is to allow people to network, yet they block almost everyone who contacts snobs who don’t want to accept invites.

    Here’s a clue LinkedIn, perhaps you should have a better system of telling those snobs to set up their account in a way that only people who know their e-mail addresses can send them invites and “require it” for those people, instead of punishing customers who are actually there to network!

    LinkedIn is a joke. It’s definitely not for networking. LinkedIn doesn’t know the meaning of networking. It’s another facebook. It only pretends to be for professionals.

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