Why is the Listen protocol better then the talking stick?

Yesterday I published the listen protocol. In my opinion a smarter way of solving a conflict then the Talking Stick I talked about a few months ago.

I got some question as why I found it smarter then the talking stick.

There is not much difference between both. One problem that people sometimes have with the talking stick is that the first person talks too long to explain his idea/problem etc. While I think it it the intention of the talking stick, it’s not a rule that you should talk in small chunks.

In the listen protocol (this is a protocol that will be added to the core protocols) it is a rule that you only says small chunks.

If your “partner” has repeatable trouble repeating what you say, your “chunks” are too big.

The listen protocol also has the option of using a coach. For some conflicts that is helpful.

Yes yes, this is only talking and listening to the other persons opinion, how will this solve our conflict?

I agree with the opinion of Stephan R Covey that if both parties feel understood, (not agreed but understood) their is the option to find a third alternative

(Not a compromise!) And I have to find the example of where both parties really understand each other and can not find a solution to their conflict.

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