Paying by SMS…

This week I went to Gent with my two sons by bus. As I had little money on me as we left, I paid the bus by SMS for the first time.

When we came back My mobile phone ran out of power before we got home. So I was in doubt what would happen if a controller office would have gotten on the bus.

On the FAQ of “De Lijn”, it states that this is no problem. If you give your number they can check this out.

I like this system. I ‘m used to walk around with no money. As we don’t take the bus this regularly, it is not a good idea to buy a prepaid bus card. (On top of that we would never have it with us when we need it.)

I like this system much more then the proton system where I have to set money aside to pay before I want to pay.

One thing that still is not clear to me, there are different amounts to pay if you go long distance with the bus. That does not seem to exist for SMS tickets. (There it is paying by the hour)

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