Gestalt Training and BootCamp

BootCamp is not therapy and we don’t want it to be therapy.
One of the reasons I follow GTO is to make sure I know the difference between Therapy and coaching very well. I see coaches going too far and have been tempted to do the same (Luckily I had my own personal mentor to help me in these situations.)

Still there are similarities. In an earlier blogpost, I talked about the impact GTO had on our Famous partners. BootCamp also has a big impact on personal life. (Christophe, Ben, Victoria can give you nice examples. ).
Because BootCamp’s takes one week, we offer the students to invite their family to the camp.  Going home from the camp breaks the simulation. Bringing family inside works much better. If you want, you can have your partner do bootcamp with you.

You pay the BootCamp fee and your partner only pays money to eat and sleep.

I am Yves Hanoulle, your virtual Project Coach and you can reach me @ Yves at my agile training company .net


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