XP Game Players LinkedIn group

Doing planning & estimation is never easy. When I started doing agile, doing agile planning & estimation looked even harder.
That was until I played the XPGame.
Vera Peeters & Pascal Van Cauwenberghe created the XP game years ago (the first use of the game I know was in 2001, but I know it was already played before…)

For me the game is the best way to learn about agile planning and estimation. The XP Game was played all around the world

There is a chapter about the XP game in the purple XP book. (Extreme Programming perspectives)

The XP Game is also part of PairCoaching.net’s Agile kick start course, where I play this together with Vera.
I like it so much, that today it is part of my standard coaching package.

You can download the xp game for free. I would advise to have one coach per team, and that coach should have played the game before.

Because I know a lot of people have played the game on their own, it is kind of hard to see the impact of the XPGame on the agile community.

That is why I created a XPGame player LinkedIn Group.

If you have played the game feel free to add yourself to the group using this link:


I am Yves Hanoulle, your virtual Project Coach and you can reach me @ Yves at my agile training company .net



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