Improve your sex life using the perfection game…

I movd this blogpost to my new blog



6 Responses

  1. Man, this will give you lots of Google juice! 🙂

  2. It will not only give me juice, people trying out this advise will benefit from it to…

  3. […] in your perfection game about your sex life… The start of this blog was triggered by this post. I think it is a good idea to have a place where people can try out the perfection of their sex […]

  4. […] Update I also talked about a documenting team (Non Software team) that used scrum for organizing their work. Eva informed me that they have a wiki about their workThey even link to the perfection game on my blog.Check it out if you want to optimize your sex-life. […]

  5. Besides the fact that asking whether the sex was any good is pretty much a major turnoff for anyone out there.

    • I agree, asking was it good is a turn-off.

      I got the example from a couple that was married for a few years. And they used he perfection game all the time for lots of different things in their life.
      I think that in a long relation it is important to talk about this.
      For me, asking to perfect the sexual intercourse is different from asking “was it good”?

      With asking to perfect, you ask to improve it. You could also perfect it in general and not a specific act/day.


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