New KBC Online & Vista

I have posted a while ago my problems with the new KBC online way of working.

This post explains how to make KBC Online work on Vista. This article does not talk about the installation of the Smart Card readers.

When I tried to use it using the KBC Online activator everything seemed to work fine.

  • I could enter the default password I got from KBC
  • I could enter my new password.
    • The new password should be between 6 and 8 characters. Case insensitive. Wow that is totally not secure. My passwords typically are at least 10 characters and are case sensitive. The fact that a password has to be between 6 and 8 characters makes it very easy to know if something could be a password or not. It’s true that a card burns after three tries, so this makes it saver. But the fact stays that people wil recognise passwords easier when they know it is between 6 and 8 characters.
  • Except for the last step. The saving of my certificate/anex password did not work.

I did this installation (like I do most of my installations) on a friday evening/night.  So there wa sno possibility to call the helpdesk. (That wa sthe only option the software gave me.) Some googling did not help, I tried to look at the KBC website for some more information, but there was no.

So I stopped and went to bed. I did not write down the password. (I could not save it so I falsly I assumed it was not changed.)

When I could finaly call the help desk I realized I forgot the password. (Remember I normally use bigger passwords.)

Because a few days were passed I did not know exactly what went wrong. They blamed the E-id software on my machine for the error. (Which was not possible as I told them it was installed after their problem. The helpdesk did not listen when I told them that. It is not possible to use the KBC online software together with the E-id software. Mmm, maybe they should have used E-id, but that is another discusion.) At least the help deks person liked to have a technical guy on the phone (Usualy helpdesk people don’t like this.)

After doing all that I burned my card (which I actually find OK, not writing down my password was my own fault.)

When I got my new card I tried to activate it during business hours. I could again do the different steps except again the saving of the certificate.

This time the help desk was able to help me immediatly (I still had the error message on my screen.)

He asked me to go to “KBC Online for business”|”beveiliging”|”configuratiescherm”.

In this screen I think I had to select “installatie van uw certificaat” ==> Now I could save the certificate.

He also asked me to install a piece of software that would add a few KBC url’s to the trusted sites. You have to do this. I don’t think this is true. I don’t have to do this. I wil receive a lot of popups when I don’t, but that is my problem.

On top of that when I add it to the trusted sites of Internet explorer. (KBC only supports Internet Explorer) IE behaves very strange with trusted sites. It actually opens the trusted sites in a seperate window. That gives the impression of being in different memory. I don’t think it is actually different memory as when I open an untrusted site in the trusted site window, the untrusted site is opened in a tab in the other window. I personally prefer to have all my sites open in one window. This confuses me a lot.

The install file I had to download from the dutch version of the KBC site.  The English version does not have the file. The helpdesk person could not understand that I wanted to go to the site in english. Well allthough I speak dutch and my english might not be that good, every program on my computer is english. That is just the way I work.