3 reason’s to wear a seatbelt…

Today I am helping my kids school to reward people for wearing a seatbelt. When my kids take their seatbelt of while driving, I pull over. These days they tell me when I forget to buckle them up. For their safety and mine.

Update: We also counted the number of people wearing a seatbelt and the number not wearing a seatbelt. Luckily more people wore a belt then those that did not. Wahoo.
Interesting site note: 3 out 4 people that parked their car where it was not allowed did not wear a seatbelt.
My idea: they will never care about my kids when they don’t care about theirs.

We gave a folder about wearing a seatbelt  when one member of the car did not wear a seatbelt. I was amazed to hear parents blame their children that they did not wearing the belt. I heard things like “you see, I told you”.

Sorry I don’t believe it. Or even, it can be true but it is your responsibility as parent. If you don’t take that responsibility, your children will not either.

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