Toshiba: M700 perfection game

A few weeks ago I finally bought the M700 I was talking about in my older post.

Let’s perfect it:

I give it a 8 out of ten

What I like about it:

  • I like the form factor.
  • I like the size
  • I like the weight
  • I like the fingerprint reader
  • I like Vista
  • I like the possibility to turn on/off wifi by an physical switch
  • I like the possibility to turn of the sound with an physical turning wheel
  • I like the fact that turning on wirefull lan and turning of wireless lan does not break the connection of most online app’s.
  • I like reading on it
  • I like Toshiba Easy Guard
  • I like the 4gb memory
  • I like taking notes on it
  • I like that I can expand the paper when I need more space in between two things I wrote


To give it a 10:

  • The Fingerprint reader should recognize my fingers more.
  • The FingerPrint reader should be positioned at the top of the screen in Laptop mode
  • The laptop/vista should have an option to plug in the power and only start using it when at 10%
  • It would not have connections to the front of the laptop.
  • It would have an intern smartCard Reader next to the PCMCIA reader.
  • it should have a one button to turn of music
  • I don’t like the fact I have one reason less to work Topless

(Picture thanx to Vincent Vanderjonckheijd)

I am Yves Hanoulle, your virtual Project Coach and you can reach me @ Yves at my agile training company .net

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