Safety @ home: 6 month old Geike fell of the kitchen table

I’m checking in,

I’m MAD, SAD, AFRAID: Geike fell from the kitchen table on the floor yesterday.
I’m MAD,SAD it was my fault
I’m GLAD it was not the boys fault
I’m AFRAID she fell on her head
I’m SAD, AFRAID I don’t know on what she fell.
I’m GLAD she had eaten 3/4 of her meal and did not throw up

I’m GLAD I think she fell in three steps
I’m GLAD I went to the emergency
I’m GLAD they found nothing
I’m GLAD they let us stay 24 hours

I’m MAD, SAD I missed a play of my two sons.
I’m GLAD Els video taped the play
I’m GLAD Geike slept well
I’m GLAD I slept well
I’m GLAD they released us earlier.

I’m GLAD we had a relaxing day afterwards
I’m SAD this event had a big impact on our whole family
I’m MAD, Sad, AFRAID my two sons were uncontrollable this evening
I’m SAD a checkin with them had no effect
I’m SAD a bath had no effect on them
I’m GLAD I realize the long day yesterday is part of the reason of their troubles

I’m GLAD this makes me realize how fragile life is
I’m GLAD it makes me realize how much I love my family

I’m GLAD we are all healthy

I’m in



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