FC Nerds and the execution gap…

Yesterday evening I saw FC NERDS a (new ?) TV show about a NERD football team coached by a professional coach.

FC Nerds – Trailer – MyVideo België

Creating a team our of a bunch or nerds? Hey that is what I am doing for a living. I have to see the show.

It made me think about the GOALS video from FranklinCovey. A small video from a team of kids playing soccer. The way a lot of organization works together.

Unfortunately the video with the kids is only on YouTube in a non-English version. The next video contains the second part of that same video in english. (Without the kids part.)

The next video explains the execution gap between what people do and what the organizational goals are. It contains some striking figures.

  1. 15% of the people know the organizational goals.
  2. Only 19% feels passionate about the TOP goals of their organization.
  3. They spend only 49% of their time to these goals, the rest of their time they spend on urgent but far less important goals (QIII)
  4. 51% tells that they don’t know what they can do to help their organization achieve these goals

To achieve goals you have never achieved before, you have to do things you have never done before.

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