Home again…

I’m Checking in

I’m GLAD I’m home with my family again.
I’m SAD the second European Reboot To Team 2.0 (BootCamp) is over
I’m GLAD it was even better then last time
I’m GLAD we have shipped on time every time (10x) this week and will do this another 81 times the next 9 months.
I’m MAD a lazy Belgium postmen prevented us from shipping very early thursday night.
I’m GLAD we shipped early friday morning.
I’m GLAD Koningsteen still is such a wonderful  place
I’m GLAD I used the sauna twice.
I’m MAD I did not run this week.
I’m GLAD Paul & Vickie are GREAT trainers .
I’m SAD this was my last camp as a participant.
I’m GLAD I have figured out a lot of ways to improve on my work/life balance.
I’m GLAD, SAD, AFRAID I will be in Seattle in a week for Starting my McCarthy Train the Trainer program
I’m MAD I was too late to propose a life reality Bootcamp for Agile 2008.
I’m GLAD & AFRAID I ‘m thinking about organizing a BootCamp in Second life.

I’m IN

Want to learn about this protocol. Check out the Core Protocols (For Free) or come to next Bootcamp (and pay ;- ) ). As I wrote before BootCamp, we have set the next date : Next EuroBoot (as we call them internally)will be from 15 till 20 june 2008

I am Yves Hanoulle, your virtual Project coach and you can reach me at yves at my agile training company.

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