Top 10 reasons to say NO to BootCamp

The next European BootCamp has just been announced. holds another Reboot to Team 2.0 at Koningsteen from 15 till 20 june 2008.

To avoid that we have to much people joining, I ‘m posting our top ten reason why people should NOT follow a BootCamp.

1. My projects effortlessly complete on schedule and in budget every time.
2. Every team I’ve ever been on has shared vision.
3. In meetings, we only ever do what will get results.
4. No one here blames “management”, or anyone else, if they don’t get what they want.
5. Everybody here shares their best ideas right away.
6. Ideas are immediately unanimously approved, improved, or rejected by the team.
7. Action on approved ideas begins immediately.
8. If we avoid conflict it goes away.
9. I do everything myself. I don’t need to work with others and I have no customers.
10.I prefer crisis, inefficiency, and unresolved conflict – it gives me something to talk about over dinner.
BootCamp. It just works.


I am Yves Hanoulle, your virtual Project coach and you can reach me at yves at my agile training company .net



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