5 conditions for effective punishments

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  1. […] Next to the things I learned about ratifications on which I posted in blogs about positive and negative ratifications and 5 conditions for effective punishments  […]

  2. Does this subject also include punishment towards adult offenders, or is it only meant to be used as a guideline for parents?

    Come to think of it, I don’t believe I’ve have ever “punished” my daughter, but I (occasionally) give her “a remark” .

    What kind of punishment has the author in mind when it comes to children?

  3. The way I see it, punishment is anything that you do on purpose and is negative for the other person.
    So taking away something nice is a punishment.

    I think these rules are very broad, and can (and should) be used with adults.

    Some examples:
    -You have to go to bed earlier
    -We don’t read you a bed time story
    -I don’t hug/kiss you
    -No Sex

    Also read my post about team compensation:

    or the slides of it:


    This session was based on the book: Punished by rewards.

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