How many pages do you read a day?

Presentation zen links back to an old talk of Chris Anderson for TEDtalk.

Chris is a great speaker.

Some excerpts:

I started doing something that I have forgotten about in my business focus, I started to read again”

“Our penis or happiness as we say it in English”



I always loved reading. About 7 years ago, Dirk told me he read x pages a day. And it helped me focusing on reading. I try to read 30 pages a day.

Since I have kids that is 20 pages a day.

It really helps to see wider then the projects I am currently on. It’s not easy, I have to schedule time to do it. I know I feel much better when I do. And it is much more relaxing as watching a few hours of television.

I actually notice that it is possible to convince my sons to do the same thing. They do complain when I don’t turn on the television. They forget about it, the minute we start to read together…

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