Agile & Prince2…

Recently I start to get more job offers like this:

You will be a PMI or PRINCE 2 certified Project Manager who has a strong track-record of working to a Agile process in software projects.

When I ask more explanations about the project, I usually found out that the team/company wants to work agile and someone else added the PMI/prince2 part to the job description.

I’m not saying that it is impossible to use good parts of both ways of working and combine them, but typically when I see that kind of description I am puzzled about what they want. In a lot of cases they don’t know themself. They heard some good things about pricne 2, good things about agile., why don’t we combine them…

Mmm, why not start with an agile kick start course and a prince2 course and then decide before hiring someone…


I  am Yves Hanoulle, your virtual Project coach and you can reach me at blog at my training company  .net


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  1. […] Hanoulle de la société paircoaching en belgique, se demande pourquoi de plus en plus d’offre d’emploi demande une certification PRINCE2 avec une expérience de développement de type AGILE. Pour lui, […]

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