Girl Geek Dinner 3, just around the corner..

After my sponsering of the first one, and my ignoring the second, Clo decided to organize the third edition of GirlGeek Dinner @ One-Agency.
Every morning I park my car in front of One -Agency to bring my kids to school. A Geek dinner that close I can not ignore. Mmm let’s look who I can be a talking saccoche..

Ah, Smetty I know and it looks like she still needs some company…(Shy as she is 😉 )


7 Responses

  1. I hope you realise that my personal saccoche needs to be “assorti”?

  2. assorti with Smetty? Me?
    ohoh… I only have 2 weeks…
    Update: That’s easy, I’ll wear my PairCoaching t-shirt, you should be able to find something that fit’s with that…

  3. Also a Paircoaching t-shirt?

    Hint? 🙂

  4. what size do you want?
    I don’t have any girl t-shirts, but I do have M, L, XL…

  5. Take M and L with you. I guess one of them should fit.

    Not any girl shirt. Yves??? Tssss.

  6. yes I know that was wrong.
    Next time I order I will get girl t-shirts as well.
    Any other requests?

  7. […] saccoche voor vanavond is Yves Hanoulle. In mijn beleving zijn saccochen dingen die een beetje assorti moeten zijn met de rest van je […]

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