Perfection game MBA in one day

Last week I went to MBA in 1 day

I give it a 9/10

What I liked about it:

Ben Tiggelaar

The total experience concept

The amount of useful information

The speed

The fun I had

The people I met. I saw my neighbor, an ex Youthclub-colleague, a Barcamper, some new people, a reporter

The place

The pictures

The attendances list

The stop doing list

The Cd’s

The Video’s

What I need to give it a ten:

The dinner break had a lot of food but most breads contains the same. For someone allergic to cheese that gave a lot of problem.

Closer to my home without traffic problems

More organized networking in between the sessions and at the beginning

Find a better way to make people actually interact better during the questions part

Want to learn about perfection game?

I am Yves Hanoulle, your virtual Project coach and you can reach me at blog at my training company  .net


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  1. […] in one day Posted on October 8, 2008 by paircoaching Last year I went to MBA in one day. I was not so sure what to think about it before, but I really love […]

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