6 month old babies manipulate their parents

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  1. that is terrible! why wouldn’t you want your baby to know you are there for him or her whenever they cry? I know I want someone to comfort me when I cry. babies don’t manipulate their parents,.

  2. It all depends on what kind of cry it is.
    Please read Tracy’s book and you will understand.
    Yes it is important to comfort people when they cry. It is also important to let people cry.
    (A lot of parents say to their kids “oh it’s nothing, it will be over in just a second”. That is saying to the kid your feeling is not true. They do this to conform them, but in reallity they say to the kid (or adults) that their feelings don’t matter. Which is worse.
    And I did not say let them cry for 10 minutes.
    Tracy advises people to let their kids cry for a few minutes. And then go to their room, leave them in their bed, caresse them, and talk to them. When they are calm again stay a little bit and then leave again.

    If you have a cry baby and still feel this is cruel, read the book, try Tracy’s advise for a week and decide after that.

    I did not invent the “babies manipulate their parents title” it was the result of an investigation.

    I know my kids knew very early how to get wthat they wanted. For me there is nothing wrong with that. As long as I as a parent know that.
    Check out the story about our first family meeting to see how we deal with the older kids “playing their parents”.

  3. i am talking from experience. my 7 month old manipulates me and his father 24/7. he sleeps in the same room with us although in his own bed. he got terrible sleeping patterns and is a very demanding baby. I had tried this pattern several times just to leave him crying but honestly he doesn’t stop. And I gave in numerous times.I know it’s a cry for attention because now he is doing it while driving and i have to stop the car literally just to hold him. It is terrible.

  4. If your’e a trained listener, you can absolutely hear the difference!
    I breastfeeded my child on demand and was very clear in regognizing what he needed.
    I clearly remember my husband saying for the first time: don’t go now, he’s fooling us. At first I didn’t believe it was possible, but he was absolutely right.

    So I have to rely on my husband more to get out of the symbiose and not promptly respond in a giving way to every uttered need, because and differ true emotion from emotional manipulation!

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