My perfect computer, Part 1: The Power cable


Disclaimer: I am not an designer. But I think I do know a lot about customers and what they want.

In this new series, I will write about the perfect machine I would like to have right now. Ok, in a few years.

Power Cable I start with something simple. The power cable.

I use laptops most of the time at my desk. That is why I had a so called desktop replacement. I was happy when I boughed it. Mine has desktop elements inside. That made it cheap, and more powerful then other laptops. In fact now a few years later it is still more powerfully then most laptops I know.

But it screams for power. I removed the powercable when I started typing this, and I am already at 72%. And I did not stop typing. 68%

I know that part of this, is that the battery has a memory. 63%

And my power cable is in all the time. (Except now)

Hey I work at a desk. When it goes down this quick, I can not afford to check the numbers all the time. Which reminds me 54%

I will plug in at 50%, because I the computer goes down at somewhere at 40%. Voila there is the complaint: I am at 50%

So how would I solve this?

I would like to have a new option in my OS (Windows that is) (Next to desktop/presentation etc)

I want to connect my powercable, but when I select my option, my computer should not use the power, it should use the battery. And instead of warning me about the low power,  (which he does in the current options without cable) he should start using the power and charging the battery.
Of course this is a new option, so that when I want to charge my battery before a long trip, I can do this, using the current power options.

It would help me and all consultants I know a lot. I promise I will keep buying a second battery.

But today both of these batteries have a similar memory and the batteries are no longer sold for this old model . If I want to give my old machines to my children’s school, it would be nice, if they can move it from one desk to another without the computer shutting down. (Like with previous laptop…)

The geek in me wonders, for who is this the most work, the OS, or the Hardware? I have been dreaming of this feature since I used my first notebook.
The hardware boys have always told me I did not need it because the next generation batteries would be so much better. Yeah Yeah, 10 years later and and nothing has changed…

I am Yves Hanoulle, your virtual Project coach and you can reach me at blog at my last

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