XPDay France 2007

With a tight schedule of delivering new versions of MEScontrol.net, my Gestalt course, and preparing the start up of PairCoaching.net  almost forgot that it is only 2 weeks before my father and I go to XPDay in Paris  to deliver a full day of workshops.

We are really looking forward to it. Our Leadership game was a big success last year in Paris, and we hope to repeat that again this year. In the afternoon we will play our “Help my team is in War” game.

I am especially interested hearing from people that follow both workshops. Both workshops were invented independent and until now, we have delivered them separately.In Paris they stay separated, but it is the first time people have the opportunity to follow both in the same day.
The reactions are important for us,  because for PairCoaching.net these two workshops merge into a one day workshop about leadership.

This time we will stay 2 days. Plenty of time to talk with Pascal Emmanuel, Laurent etc…

I am Yves Hanoulle, your virtual Project coach and you can reach me at blog at my last name.be

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