The abundant universe


Jim & Michele said in one of their podcasts, look at the universe, ask for help and you will see the universe is abundant.
This week I had a nice chat with Jim about how to bring BootCamp to Belgium.

JOhan LybaertOn the evening event I listened to Johan Lybaert from Cegeka,/Ardatis who shared his experience scaling XP+Scrum to 90 people. I heard a lot of good idea’s for scaling up. Not only is Johan’s leading his company  into the future, he is

also a very good speaker. I am looking forward to heard Johan speak on the It-works event: Agile development in practice

After that I talked a little bit about my experience as agile project coach of a distributed team.
I was not happy with my own talk, but was very happy with the fact that Pascal made me think about

– what is the situation
– What went good?
– What would I do different?

In fact I send the same questions to the team as a kind of small retrospective. And I had a wonderful response back from one of my developers.
Abundance again.
I asked for feedback on the design of my logo and website the last few weeks. The answers really helped me to take a decision.
In the last weeks I have also mailed a few people if they wanted to coach a workshops/game @ PairCoaching. The conversations I had with them where all a signs of an abundant universe.

Today I had a great conversation with a blogger I have been reading for months but never met.
Although I felt connected with him/his ideas, I was amazed about the similarities in our way of speaking and thinking.
I knew we had not much time, but after we talked what seemed very long, I was surprised to see that only one hour went by. After speed reading, now also speed talking. Guess we created our own Speeddate.

When I came home, our neighbor came around with a bread she made, for us. Just like that.
Because we were out of bread, it felt like the “wood come” story that Jim’s talks about at BootCamp…


I am Yves Hanoulle, your virtual Project coach and you can reach me at yves at my training

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